Commercial Titles


Striker Superstars

Striker Superstars is a unique multiplayer 5 aside soccer game where YOU are the star! Created using Unity3D and the existing Football Superstars engine the game has tons of features such as: friends, leaderboards, in-game & match chat, character progression, inventory & shop, match making and teams.

As part of this project my tasks have involved:

  • Localisation of the game client. Also created the build system to output asset bundles for specific locales. Assisted in several portal integrations and Facebook Connect implementation.
  • Creation of game client flow including guest creation and conversion.
  • Implementation of several features including lobby & match chat and shop & inventory redesign.
  • Created headless client and web backend unit tests to stress test the various subsystems.
  • Creation of match 3D and HUD elements and tutorial tip system.
  • Implemented system for capturing metrics and webservice backend integration.

Football Superstars

Football Superstars is the first and only Virtual Football World. An entire online football game designed by football fans exclusively for football fans, where you can enjoy a FREE to play massively multiplayer experience on your PC. The game features a full football and lifestyle world where you can interact with friends in new and fun ways!

My work on this project involved:

  • Was actively involved with the micro-transaction and shop overhaul of the game. This involved revamping the payment process, shop and UI for the game and server.
  • Localisation of several game applications: the patcher, the keymapper, the installer and the downloader.
  • Implemented persistent player contracts on the client & server side.
  • Reskinned the entire UI, sped up development processes with in-game UI refreshing and implemented FreeType font rendering.

SingStar Dance

For all you dancing machines and superstars in the making, get ready to show off your best moves! Fun, new PlayStation ®Move motion controller gameplay lets you dance as well as sing along to your favorite chart hits.

  • Coded up gesture recognition and scoring system for the dance routines.
  • Integrated PS Move library into the EyeToy SDK and into the existing SingStar code framework.
  • Assisted in preparing builds for various games expos e.g. E3, Gamescon
  • Worked alongside the music transcribers to convert complex dance routines into atomic dance gestures.
  • Created several UI components including the off-screen and scoring displays.

Championship Manager 2010

Two years in the making, Championship Manager 2010 introduced a host of new features including a 3D match engine to deliver fans the best Championship Manager in years. For the first time ever managers could take total control with a fully animated, 3D match engine (featuring 500 fully motion captured animations per player) propelling you right into the heart of the action on matchday along with a host of other features.

  • Created several front end screens and components including the match day suite for the product.
  • As part of the Front End team liased with various back-end teams such as the database, match engine and logic teams to bring all the parts together in a coherent UI.
  • Designed and implemented a MVC framework for the UI system.
  • Created an automated UI testing system for assisting in finding defects.

Master's Thesis

Enhanced NPC Behaviour Using GOAP

The dissertation involved developing a GOAP and FSM system and placed in a game scenario where experiments were carried out between the two. Comparisons were made on three criteria:

  • Results from game simulations i.e. how the systems performed against one another in the Domination, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Last Man Standing game modes.
  • The second comparison examined the two systems from a technical perspective and investigated how each system performed from a memory management, CPU usage and efficiency standpoint.
  • The final comparison considers the merits of the two systems with respect to ease of management, flexibility and re-usability.

Squad behaviour when combined with each of the system was also analysed and this was taken into consideration in the outcome/conclusion of the dissertation.

Personal Projects

Tullow Oil Quiz

The quiz was a quiz written entirely in ActionScript as part of an external contract. It contained sprite sheet animation, questions fetched from a remote source, customisable content and the storage of results to the Tullow Sharepoint list.

  • Authentication of users to undertake the quiz from their Sharepoint user. Users can only undertake the quiz just once.
  • Integrated question source, quiz content and results storage to the Tullow Sharepoint list.
  • Created buttons, UI, animations (using spritesheets) and created user flow for the quiz in AS3 and the FlashPunk engine.


Rac'Em is a futuristic racing game with AI opponents developed in Direct 9 as part of MSc in Game Technology in Abertay.

  • AI follow pre-defined racelines, collect pickups and fire rockets at each other to gain advantage in the race.
  • Incorporated directX Effects, DirectInput support, 3D sound and music, particle effects for explosions and thrusters
  • Implemented a 2D HUD and menuing system.
  • As part of the project implemented picking, basic planar shadows, collision detection and response and rigid body dynamics

Blok Wars

Blok Wars is a Lego-based RTS game developed that I helped develop along with five other students at Abertay. It was developed using the Ogre3D engine over a period of 6 months.

I created the core AI which included:

  • The group and master AI elements which control the strategy and construction managers of the AI opponent.
  • Programmed the influence map used by the Master AI to direct groups of units and reason on current strategy.
  • Created the pathfinding nodes used by A* and implemented the unit and building construction logic used by both the player and the AI
  • I also worked on the selection, health bar for units and the HUD used by the player.

Spaceship Landing AI Simulation

This project is a 2D spaceship landing simulator created using DirectX and C++ at Abertay. The goal of the simulation was to test out some classical AI techniques and how they can be used in a practical game situation. The spaceship had to be landed using left, right and bottom thrusters on a small platform on the ground from an arbitrary position in the sky.

  • Spaceship would be landing using Fuzzy Logic or evolved a solution using Genetic Algorithms.
  • The genetic algorithm was parameterised with variables such as the population size, the mutation rate, the crossover type(multipoint or single point) and rate, the selection type(Roulette or Tournament selection) and the selection rate.


Helicopter is a game developed on the PS2 Linux Dev Kit inspired by the popular flash online game also called Helicopter.

  • Procedural terrain and obstacle generation & scoring system.
  • Controller input and collision detection for the helicopter movement.
  • Model import & texturing to the PS2 from Milkshape3D.


Revelations is a religious first person shooter game made for the XBox with another student, Niall Cusack. The goal of the game was to save the City of David in Jerusalem from demons sent to destroy the Temple Mount.

  • Created game for chipped XBox using the RenderWare Graphics API and the XBox Development Kit.
  • Coded entirely myself with the art being provided by Niall.
  • Featured AI techniques such as pathfinding and simple FSMs for enemy decision making
  • Used Potentially Visible Sets (PVS), particle effects, collision detection and response and animation using bone and skinned models.


My most up-to-date CV is available here.