Work Experience

Blippar @ Blippar

Application programmer working on the Blippar Augmented Reality app for Blackberry and iOS.

I've worked on the latest release to the AppStore which has required a major UI revamp and many more social features. For Blackberry I have been integrating all the Blippar features into the Blackberry platform using Cascades and working closely with RIM (now Blackberry) to resolve several platform issues.

Striker Superstars @ CybersportsWorld

UI lead for browser-based Unity3D football game. Was heavily involved in all parts of the client development, notably networking code, 3D match components, UI, user-flow, webservice interaction & parsing and KPI logging.

Other tasks included localisation of the client, implementing unit tests for web-backend, headless client creation, chat server integration and implementation on client and user acquisition and data logging. Coding was done primarily in C#, C++ on the server side but I also created a Python-based headless client system to allow us to test client-server protocol stability and measure server capacity under load.

Football Superstars @ CybersportsWorld

UI lead on the football MMO title. I completed several game features both as part of a team and individually to strict deadlines. The client and server are written in C++ but also required scripting (in TCL), GUI, database and networking code.

The client and server were writen in C++ with the UI laid out in XML. I worked on several features for the client including a shop redesign, new font rendering implementation, persistent player contracts, localisation of 6 MFC applications and the core game, in-game purchasing changes, game-optimisation and an entire re-skin of the UI.

SingStar Dance @ Sony Entertainment Europe

I worked with Sony from January 2010 until September 2010. During this time I worked as a gameplay programmer on the core dance gameplay from the R&D stage to master submission of the disc. I developed a prototype R&D dance system evaluating the AI LiveMove gesture recognition on the PS3 platform using the new PS Move technology. Once the project was greenlit I integrated the prototype system into the SingStar codebase. I worked with the content creation team to develop a way of marking up dance routines and score them in-game.

I developed the system to score dances including gesture recognition, the different scoring modes and the markup of the dances. As part of the content creation I developed several facilities including dance recording & playback and debug UI feedback for the content creators to allow them debug their marked up dances.

During my job at Sony I learnt all about the challenges in developing for the PS3, PS3 libraries all using C++ and a bit about gesture recognition.

Championship Manager @ Beautiful Games Studio

I am worked as a Front End GUI Programmer with Beautiful Games Studio in Wimbledon, London. I was part of the Front End team from October 2008 until January 2009. During this time I have helped architect structural changes to the Front End including developing a model-view controller based component system, back end bridge and optimised Front End loading and reloading. I was also responsible for several crucial screens in the game (Tactics, match day, player suites along with the main squad and squad fixtures screens).

All development work was highly critical both in terms of quality and performance as the results of all work undertaken had serious implications in what end-users saw and interacted with in the game.

At this job I have been primarily working with C++, STL and XML within the custom Front End system for the game.


Before BGS I was working with Learnosity Australia as a voice and web developer. Working mostly with ColdFusion, PHP and Asterisk PBX. My main roles were:

  • Was responsible for maintenance and development of new features on internal metrics and admin sites along with front-end sites for the Computer Skills Test (CST).
  • Developed a new production phone system using Asterisk PBX and PHP that enables students converse with one another and also undertake multiple choice question exams over the phone that can be immediately graded. The system has since been awarded four international e-Learning awards.
  • Supported several governmental agency FarCry sites and back-end administration for the HSC results.

Awards and achievements

  • Awarded ‘Best New Signing’ at BGS release party for best new hire in 2009.
  • Have successfully completed a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Computer Games Technology both with the first class honours.
  • Completed post-grad section of MSc in Postgraduate Diploma in Software Engineering (Computer Games Technology) at University of Abertay,Dundee.
  • Received the classification of 'distinction' for MSc over with the thesis awarded a mark of 95%.
  • Got a first class honours degree in Computer Science with an average mark of 88.9% and this was the highest in the year. Had the highest grade in the year in third and fourth year.
  • Received a Motorola scholarship after getting highest grade in the year in third year at UCC.
  • Was nominated for Science graduate of the year on graduating at UCC.
  • Scored the maximum number of points possible for a student in Leaving Certificate examinations. Was awarded an entrance scholarship to UCC on the back of this.
  • Was awarded "Eacht an Colaiste" from Colaiste an Spioraid Naoimh after graduating.
  • Received an award from Cork Chamber of Commerce for the highest result in Munster in the Leaving Certificate in Economics.

Other interests

  • I am very interested in football (as my work experience shows!)
  • Also keen on golf, fishing and tennis.
  • Develop games outside of work and am currently working on an interesting puzzle game to be released soon (I hope!)


My most up-to-date CV is available here.